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Business Customer Acquisition

Giving you the sales performance boost you deserve

It’s not easy hitting sales targets when there are so many obstacles like: poor quality leads, no name policies, weird job titles for decision makers, voice mail and more in your way.

Imagine if we could show you how you could cut through the noise and focus 100% of your attention on prospects that are actively looking for exactly what you offer?

That you no longer needed to speak to people who cannot afford your solution or don’t have a budget, that don’t really have a pressing need for your product or aren’t the correct decision maker?

How much more effective and satisfied would you be?

How much more effective and grateful could you make your colleagues?

Some of our clients are enjoying 87% conversion rates and triple digit return on investment

Let’s get you to :

Being more effective in the new normal

The way corporates buy has changed – it is no longer the case that a C Level decision maker will call in a beauty parade and award their business to the best pitch and leave them to drive the strategy. Now they will appoint a team, taken from all types of departments or even external resources. These teams will research the subject through reading specialist publications, searching for insights, reading case studies, downloading white papers, sharing articles on social media and visiting relevant events.

Then, once they have identified their preferred solution, this team will start to research potential partners that can meet this solution.

Nano helps you enjoy the benefits of tracking this activity across 1.3 billion daily web interactions, across 12 billion unique page URLs and use this information to identify organisations actively in the market. Then based on your expertise, hones the prospects to match your perfect persona

Keeping you in control

Our process takes your knowledge of the market, of your customers and the pain you overcome to identify, hone and deliver exactly the sales qualified leads you require.

Next, using the materials and knowledge you provide we will start engaging with the prospect, binning anyone that doesn’t match your exact sweet spot.

Then when your appointments are ready, you read the notes, listen to the call, approve the appointment win the business or reject it and hone the brief even more.

Risk free

There are no monthly charges, management fees or per contact charges – you simply pay a fixed fee for each appointment you approve. We base our contract on a minimum of 10 appointments but in the unlikely event you receive less than that, you will only pay for the ones you have approved.

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