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what we do
...our cunning plan
Logical, systematic, it is a cunning plan
and it just may work !


Methodology that really works for you.

starting right
Successful performance planning is not about pretty brochures or even prizes. It is about understanding the people, their performance and the barriers to them achieving your goals. We spend time talking to your stakeholders and analysing data to create a blueprint for achieving your goal..

identifying opportunities
We target sustained growth by seeking to change the behaviours of the 80 percent who are not performing rather than purely focusing on the 20 percent who currently give you most of your business.

Creating attainable change is key - we help stretch people but avoid trying to over stretch them and risk turning them off.

Providing tools and development creates a more sustainable and credible approach

recognition and engagement
Building in enjoyment, a greater sense of belonging, recognition and pride - simply from participating, means we capture their hearts and minds before spending on a single award.

but awards are important too ...
We seek to go beyond recreating a mail order catalogue, we are selling aspiration and dreams - which should be reflected in the awards. We do this from a vast tool bank including some of the more aspirational brands (Dior, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Montblanc, Tag Heuer etc), unique experiences (ice climbing, fly a jet fighter, swimming with dolpins) to unforgettable travel experiences put together by their personal concierge.

Add to this some extraordinary group events and travel and you have a heady mix likely to inspire and delight the most jaded of participants.