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Telecommunications & Broadband

Increasing sales in telecommunications and broadband

Channel and retail sales incentives

The key to increasing sales is focusing on the sales individuals within the dealers, retailers or distributors who actually deal directly with prospects – by driving them, we have frequently increased sales by 43%, 65% and even 900% and can do the same for you. Rather than throwing money at it, we use behavioural psychology to help build new sales habits that will mean that driving your sales becomes the default setting. We can help you launch and run successful channel programmes as can be demonstrated with our case histories with many of the leading vendors in direct to multi tier channels.

Marketing Development Programmes

Many of your partners may be SME’s – we can create a business support programme where you help them through: free advertising and sales and marketing tools, business training and much more to drive their (and your) business forward. This also acts a superb loyalty solution as if most of their growth is generated via your programme, why would they go anywhere else. Our experience is that these programmes need to be worked hard to drive sales and the activity that it results from rather than passively rewarding sales you would have made anyway and then spending these funds on activity they would have done anyway.

Loyalty Programmes

It costs 5-20 times more to win a new customer than to retain an existing one.
Imagine if a retail customer could get free holidays, experiences and merchandise every month and savings of thousands per year on everything from day to day expenses to treats, leisure and travel – all for being a customer? Imagine if your business customers could receive free accountancy and payroll software, lead generation and customer engagement tools, staff training and much, much more?
If you got all this alongside your incredible service, why would you go anywhere else?

Lead generation

Using intent or highly targeted marketing techniques we have helped put together successful programmes to drive sales enquiries including 10% response rates for a high end professional pc from a door drop and 30% response rates from corporates for software

Experienced Team

Our telecoms team have created and run successful strategies with many other major providers in your and associated industries including: Avenir Telecom, BT, Orange, Sky, Toshiba, and Vodafone to name a few

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