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Customer acquisition

Customer acquisition

If you are trying to get customers to try your product or service, promotions and incentives excite, delight and activate your customers to achieve your commercial goals. From on-pack offers to long-term loyalty, we design and implement all kinds of high-impact sales promotions, incentives, partnerships and affinity programmes. We’ll work with you to identify, create and deliver appealing travel, leisure and lifestyle rewards that drive acquisition, growth and retention. Better still, promotions and incentives are accountable – you only pay for the sales you receive.

Orangutan have helped other people like you in the leading brands generate leads and turn those into profitable sales with increases regularly at a level of double, triple and occasionally as much as 9 times run rates – and pay for themselves many times over.

We can also help you discover the best way to target prospects and deliver your messages through both on-line and off-line strategies that have proven results with other companies just like yours.

delivering your goals

Promotions and incentives can do so much more, helping to build towards achieving wider marketing objectives. A good promotional offer enhances your brand values and unlike ‘price based’ offers, they don’t reduce the ‘perceived value’ of your products or services.

Promotions can also offer a very high perceived value at a very low cost and customers talk about them – providing an excellent means for them to recommend your company to friends and colleagues.

how can they work for you ?

In addition to direct purchase incentives, promotions can be used in a wide variety of other methods of driving your sales including:

  • Response mechanisms
  • Gift with purchase
  • Member get member / recommend a friend
  • Dealer or trade loaders
  • Multiple purchase / volume building
  • Reward for completion of customer satisfaction reports
  • Recompense for complaints
  • Reward for attending a seminar or exhibition

… and many, many more.

recent examples have included:

  • Win a Claridges break with Fairy Liquid
  • A safe cracker incentive to win $50,000
  • All your money back if England win
  • A loyalty card for 500,000 customers of a leading Casino group
  • Davis Cup tickets and travel with Lacoste
  • Free apartment holiday with every test drive
  • Tickets to the Olympics with Wella
  • A global cashback promotion for US Robotics

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