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We invest in getting to know you, your products, employees and sales channels and identifying where you can improve your sales and organisation's performance.

We work with stakeholders to understand their needs and tie solutions into those requirements meaning that sales teams and channel partners see these interventions as having a positive effect.

Motivation should be 20% reward and 80% engagement. It is only through constantly reinforcing positive behaviour that we develop the synapses that create true behavioural change. As such, we naturally adopt a blended approach including where

  • Engaging 2 way communication solutions including a mix of print, on-line, hotline and face to face.
  • Development interventions to support their efforts.
  • Case histories to show best practice in action (plus something to aspire to).
  • Tactical fun game based incentives to focus on and change behaviours - typically on an 'xx'  sales gets to make each instance attainable.
  • Regular recognition through: communication, awards and celebration.
  • Event or travel based reward - an event to aspire to attend (or increasingly as an admission of failure if they are not).