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Reward and recognition can improve productivity through building good habits and increasing discretionary effort. We can advise on and provide online and offline solutions to suit every target audience.

a strategic approach
Reward and recognition programmes can do so much more, helping to build towards achieving wider business goals. A good reward and recognition programme enhances your brand values and unlike financial rewards, they become expected. Reward and recognition can also offer a very high perceived value at a very low cost and employees talk about them - providing an excellent means for them to build scheme recognition with colleagues.

how can they work for you ?
In addition to sales incentives, reward and recognition programmes can be used in a wide variety of other methods of driving productivity, engagement and retention.


  • Employee benefits
  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Rewarding achievement and exceeding target
  • Line manager recognition
  • Staff introductions
  • Values reinforcement programmes
  • Attendance / punctuality rewards
  • Long service awards
  • Good idea and innovation schemes
  • Standards programmes
  • Reward sourcing and management
  • Rewards catalogues
  • Recognition ceremonies