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loyalty programes

Loyalty programmes enhance customers relationships with you through rewarding: larger spends, more frequent purchases or through additional activity such as referrals, survey completion etc and can help build retention.

Typified by loyalty cards with: barcode, magstripe, chip or proximity chips, they can drive change through offering rewards or discounts plus provide invaluable marketing intelligence.

Loyalty programmes can also offer a very high perceived value at a very low cost and customers talk about them - providing an excellent means for them to recommend your company to friends and colleagues.

how we can help
In addition to direct purchase incentives, promotions can be used in a wide variety of other methods of driving your sales

  • Strategy and advice
  • Membership privileges
  • Third party discounts
  • Reward banks
  • Points management and portals
  • Point of sale reward terminals
  • Recruiting members as mystery shoppers