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communication & engagement

This can be achieved by generating positive emotional responses that build engagement, satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. When you know your audience as individuals, and understand their attitudes and actions, you can optimise their experience and deliver service that exceeds their expectations.

We can deliver powerful and truly actionable business intelligence, obtained from surveys, mystery shopping and market insight; which we then blend with advanced insight and analytics to deliver information for driving business change.

  • Surveys and action-planning tools
  • Segmented, lifecycle-based communications
  • Integrated and secure hubs, providing a single point of access

Effective engagement drives loyalty and profits. We can help you engage your stakeholders in ways that are personal, relevant and timely, turning engagement into true customer relationship building - as well as increasing opportunities for brand engagement by communicating with them in ways they like.

brand management
Ensure that your brand is marketed and represented when, to whom and how you need it improving consistency and perception and avoiding mis-selling.

data management & analytics
We manage your data, interpret it and turn it into meaningful insights through integrating:

  • Quantitative (POS/loyalty data)
  • Qualitative (mystery shopping and CSI)

This helps you understand your stakeholders, by individual brand, department, channel and individually.